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About us:

Conipo is a business network, which is currently being developed by the Conipo team with great professionalism for you personally. Our goal is to bring people to greater success and satisfaction in their professional life. Another concern of us is to offer effective and efficient products. These products are personally tailored to each user in order to ultimately achieve a positive business result. For this reason we have chosen this motto: „Be Professional, Be Smart, Be Successful“.

Our products will be suitable for each profession, such as for employees, self-employed, students, manager, job seekers, etc. Any person who wants to be part of a success story can register for free.

We currently offer only a registration to create an optimal professional platform for you. There are only general data needed, such as your name, email and country. This data is treated confidentially and used only for internal company purposes. Your official login data for your account you get, just before we launch our business network.
To get current information about Conipo business network, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Our individual products are presented there for you, so you know exactly what to expect on our business network.

About the Conipo team

The Conipo team currently consists of five members, two members are responsible for the graphic design, two other members of the programming and the fifth member takes care of marketing and finance. On the whole, the team consists of a young, creative and responsible people who want to change society positively.

Be a part of this success story.

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